G-Box Q – Introducing HyperStream™ P2P Technology

The G-Box Q, an Android TV Box running Kodi, is right around the corner and is going to be bringing the future of streaming along with it. HyperStream™ is the latest in media streaming technology that is currently being designed and implemented into the G-Box Q. With over half of a million G-Box owners in the world today, all requesting the same media content, it becomes necessary to implement a technology that can assist an origin source of media to ensure that all G-Box owners can have a seamless and convenient media experience.


Enter HyperStream™, a technology designed to increase the effeciency and stability of streaming media on the internet, especially in the case of set-top box technology such as the G-Box, which when in wide-spread use in traditional streaming methods cause a large bandwidth load on a single server. In the traditional scenario, unless you have a large server farm and a very massive trunk for data, the experience would degrade as more and more users attempted to stream the media on that server. HyperStream™ technology solves this problem by providing the data it is being consumed by one G-Box in a P2P fashion to other G-Boxes that are requesting the same data. The technology works by distributing the source of the content to many available locations, in essense reducing the load considerably to the origin source of the media. This technology is so effective that there only needs to be a single connection to the origin source of data while the G-Box network handles the load for all other users.


HyperStream™ is currently under rapid development for the G-Box Q and the first implementations will be coming soon. The original goal is to provide content originating from Matricom via the HyperStream™ technology for extensive testing. Once implementation is completed and well tested, the technology will be released to other content providers to allow easy streaming from any media source to G-Box owners. HyperStream™ technology’s goal is to allow any content provider to easily distribute their Live streaming and On-Demand content to G-Box owners without the need for high-powered servers and large bandwidth connections. With a fully implemented solution, each G-Box will become it’s own P2P server/client using a fully-automated protocol very similar to how Torrenting works.


Stay tuned for announcements on the development of HyperStream™ technology and when it has been implemented. G-Box Q owners will receive HyperStream™ technology via a Cloud OTA update automatically.