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Beta Testing Program

Welcome to the beta tester’s hangout. This is a place for the elite, the ones that are hardcore and really know their stuff when it comes to Android and Matricom products. This is the spot where dreams are broken and then reborn again through trial and error. This is the place where you can waste too much time if you’re not too careful. This is probably the most interesting place of all.

This section is dedicated to providing our development team with feedback on G-Box products. Your suggestions and bug reports will be investigated and worked into G-Box products. We take pride in our support and dedication to making our products the best on the market, but we can only do it with your feedback. If you have any suggestions or notice anything mis-behaving with your G-Box product, please take a moment to report it here for the Matricom Developers Team to investigate. Thank you!

Beta Firmware Explained

This section will be separated into two sections: Android builds and Linxu Builds. Remember that all builds are beta and may be full of bugs.
The firmware located in this section is for BETA testing only, designed specifically to gain feedback from advanced users of the G-Box community. Please only install the BETA firmware for testing purposes and to relate to the community and to Matricom to make further enhancements and improvements to the firmware.

Android builds

Firmware 1.1.7S Beta

We have now released the first beta for the 1.1.7S Build. You can find it here: Firmware 1.1.7S Beta Forum Topic

As before, this is still a beta so bugs exist and are being actively worked on. Please see the bug tracker for information on bugs and the current status and to report any bugs that you find.

Firmware 1.1.7S Alpha

Here is the latest 1.1.7S build ready for download. It is an alpha and all bugs should be reported to the bug tracker.
Download the file here:
Here is the link to the forum post regarding 1.1.7S alpha: Topic post

The XBMC is specific to this device and previous versions of XBMC will not work with 1.1.7S.

If you need to reinstall the XBMC for 1.1.7S you can download it here: XBMC 1.1.7S

Linux Builds

This is the latest build for the linux flavor of the MX2.

October 28, 2013

This is the Second build for the Linux version. Remember that this is a beta and for testing purposes. It may not be stable enough for a daily driver.

October 06, 2013

This is the first build for the Linux version. Remember that this is a beta and for testing purposes. It may not be stable enough for a daily driver.

MX2 Feature requests and bug reporting

Click here to report a bug, request a new feature, or request an enhancement!
Do you have a suggestion for the MX2? Please let us know! We’re working hard to improve the MX2 for everybody to enjoy and we’re always taking suggestions from you, our loyal customer.

Please use our issue tracking system to provide us with requests for features and to report any bugs that you find while using the MX2. This will provide us with valuable feedback to enhance and improve the MX2 for everybody. Thank you very much for your support and for reporting to us.