We should be back up and running moving forward, thank you for your patience in this matter


Check out our latest firmware developments that we've been working on! http://matricom.net/forum/index.php?board=29.0 All beta posts will be posted in our forum and will include links and instructions on how to update to the latest beta. Word of caution: Since these are beta builds and not full stable builds, there may be bugs that have been introduced within the update cycle that have not been discovered. If you are using your MX2 in commercial use, it is recommend to stay on a stable version or test out a beta in an isolated environment before using in production. For more information about our betas and where we stand, follow up in our forums or feel free to reach out to our support staff anytime during our operation hours!

Matricom Development Team

Ready to cut your cable and start watching FREE TV?

The G-Box Midnight MX2 makes it EASY to watch TV effortlessly and free over your internet connection legally. There are hundreds of  add-ons available for your MX2 including YouTube, Vimeo, Sports channels, International channels, Live Streaming and MORE, all available on the MX2 easily and without any monthly fees.

Only $109 on Amazon!

Ready to start using your favorite Android apps on TV?

It’s easy! Login to Google Play Store on your new MX2, search and install your favorite apps. You’ll find thousands of apps available that are fully compatible with the MX2. Everything from web browsers, to office document editors to games to video streaming apps, music players and more. The dual core processor in the MX2 makes sure that your apps run nice and smoothly.

Only $109 on Amazon!

How about a Music Break?

Along with the thousands of apps you will find on Google Play Store comes some very popular and free music apps such as Pandora, TuneIn Radio, SoundCloud, Slacker Radio and more. When you’re done watching movies and want to focus on something else your MX2 is still there for you to entertain in the backgrond. Start up your favorite music streaming app and enjoy high definition music playback through your TV or entertainment center for free.

Only $109 on Amazon!

The G-Box Experience ..

Is Much better than Roku and Apple TV.

The MX2 is much more than just a cheap media streamer like the Roku and Apple TV devices. It is a full-fledged ARM mini computer running the complete Android 4.2 operating system. Unlike it’s competitors the MX2 is extremely versatile and open, meaning you can install virtually any Android app from the Google Play Store! The MX2 also features a dual core processesor and 8GB internal storage and SPDIF digital audio output for surround sound, something else the other guys just don’t have.

Has so much great stuff to come!

This is just the beginning for your new MX2. We’re working every day to improve your device by adding new features and squashing bugs as we find them. You’ll be notified when a new firmware update is available and be given the option to download and install it. Expect many great new features to be coming soon to an MX2 near you!

Don’t limit your possibilities, let the MX2 take your home media experience to the next level.

Only $109 on Amazon!

G-Tab Nero CX2 Introductory Sale @ $59.90!

Your chance to score our entry level DUAL CORE 7-Inch Android tablet for CHEAP!

The new G-Tab Nero CX2 is ON SALE for $59.90 for a limited time on Amazon. Sale runs for the available limited quanitity.

Buy the new Nero CX2 now for $59.90!

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Tips and Tricks / How-Tos for your G-Box MX2

MX2 Tips and Tricks

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G-Tab Quantum Tips and Tricks

Much more than your ordinary streaming device...

The incredible G-Box Midnight

The world's No.1 Android & Linux Mini PC

"The Android enthusiast's playground"

* Midnight & Slav now supports Linux XBMC! *

*Thanks to the awesome G-Box community!*

Say "Hello" to Android in HD with tons of awesome features Harness the power and flexibility of Android 4 on your HD television or PC monitor Watch Free videos and movies from the Internet* Convenient web surfing with HTML5 support Compatible with thousands of Android Apps Android XBMC with full hardware decoding! Wide open platform that's ready to hack! Backed by the rapidly growing most amazing community of Android enthusiasts ever!

*requires advanced setup. device does not come programmed with any TV stations or movies from the factory.


Much more than just an Android TV Box!

G-Box products are loved and driven by the community. We believe that creating open platform devices fosters creativity and opens the minds of enthusiasts to implement software development based on their own concepts and ideas on an a powerful ARM platform.

All G-Box products are much more than just an Android TV Box. In fact, every day owners are finding clever uses for theirs!

Discover interesting applications for our products such as a Skype Box, Digital Signage Applications, Kiosk Web Browser, Point of sale Systems, Social TV Box, Gaming, Office Document Editing, Home Automation Projects, and much more!

With all of the cool and awesome things that can be done with these new products it's also good to remember that our TV boxes are in fact Mini PCs. You can install applications and browse the web, talk to your friends on facebook or any of your favorite sites using a wireless USB keyboard, play 3D games, watch movies with XBMC or any other of your favorite Android video players. The G-Box turns your TV into the most convenient computer ever and allows you to do virtually anything that you can on your tablet right from your couch!

The Buzz...

1.1.9 is out and stable, we're one step closer to our next full build. Get it here http://t.co/SxTcmeIEWy #Updates #Progress #TheFuture
13 days ago
The Mx2's firmware will be adapted with tutorials to better service our customer's. 1.1.7 is closer to full release. #improvingeveryday
103 days ago
There's so many unsupported boxes on the market. Find out what makes Matricom different!

Why Choose Matricom

There's a lot of boxes on the market and since our initial release of the G-Box Midnight clones have started to flood the scene. So, what is the benefit of purchasing an Authentic G-Box Midnight? Well, the question should be: what's the benefit of buying a clone instead?

When you purchase an authentic Matricom product, you are protected with a warranty that NO OTHER MANUFACTURER can touch. What kind of warranty? The kind that says you can break your stuff and we'll fix it. Find anybody else in this industry that touts THAT kind of warranty. When you purchase a clone box, not only are you getting refurbished 2nd hand material, but it is often much older than our current hardware. With that clone also comes no true support, no Matricom warranty and a non-existent return policy. For saving a few dollars, does this really sound like a bargain?  

We have worked very hard to develop the Midnight and turned it into the world's most popular enthusiast TV box. This wasn't easyIn fact, the entire community became involved in the G-Box movement. The support for this device is second to none. Moving forward we are working hard to eliminate counterfeit clones from the market that confuse our customers.

How are we doing this? 

The new MX2 features OTA updating firmware that will not be compatible with clones on the market. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality user experience possible for authentic devices. This simply means this: if you don't buy Matricom, you're going to be left in the dust.

The choice is yours.

Review by cnx-software.com

G-Box MX2 Unboxing

Showing off the MX2's 1080p Hardware Decoding

MX2 1080p Playback Demo

The MX2 Running many skins in XBMC (such as Aeon Nox, Droid, Quartz, Xperience1080 and more)

G-Box Midnight MX2 XBMC Skin Showcase

Video by cnx-software.com showing the MX2 booting and running XBMC

G-Box MX2 Booting and Usage